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bracelet 2My father was fiercely loyal to people he knew to be good. His first priority was family. He taught my sister and me to be loyal to those who we also knew to be good and supportive of our lives. I remember driving across town to Uncle Oscar’s gas station to fill our gas tanks. It was a weekly ritual that our family always made time to take the drive and fill our tank, chat with Uncle Oscar and the guys who hung around the station. Occasionally Dad would give us a dime to use for a pop or a candy bar—back in the days before quick marts were ever even thought of.We used to visit cousins who ran a local Studebaker garage and auto sales business. My Dad would reach down and pick me up to set me on the cashier counter to talk with the women—more cousins—that worked inside the office; and YES he did buy a Studebaker from them. We did this even when we didn’t need repairs on our old Studebaker.bracelet 3

Years later he and Mom would move to a small town to live where they shopped and ate in the local businesses down the street from their home.  He would often say “support the community”. He enjoyed helping others because that’s what we are all about.

Fbracelet 1or the most part small businesses are not as plentiful as in my younger days. I guess I still adhere to my Dad’s philosophy more than not. I do shop American when I can and often avoid new items in favor of used. I find that when I buy at thrift shops and garage sales, my money stays within our community. It doesn’t leak out to other foreign entities. To me this is America, this is loyalty and how we can survive here in America.

I try to incorporate vintage into my works as much as possible. When I use new items in my items I try to buy in America, even if it has to be made elsewhere, that way I keep the money flowing HERE. This is my philosophy and what makes my business green. Please join me in keeping our money in America where we can employ Americans to help us in our businesses.

Hope you can join me in these thoughts and maybe comment about your feelings.

Blessings. fish


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down syndrome, single motherhood and blessings from God


down syndrome, single motherhood and blessings from God

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