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The Fabric of Life


Fabrics intrigue me…The textures…colors…and uses are very interesting to me.  I am my Grandmother’s child. She also loved fabrics and collected a yard here and a yard there. She would travel with my Grandfather to different states and would purchase fabric in almost every state.

As a child I would go into her ‘sewing closet’, where she stored her fabrics and dream about how she chose each fabric. It didn’t take much prodding to get Grandma talking about her fabrics, they were chosen with great thought.

Grandma would seldom make anything from her fabrics, they were her prizes, stored away with great pride and much dreaming—and no, I wasn’t able to persuade her to part with any of them. They were probably distributed to her nieces when she packed to move in with Mom and Dad—that makes me sad to think I don’t have one piece of her cherished fabrics.


Like Grandma, I enjoy looking at vintage fabrics and I love creating new things from old. I am now using some vintage fabrics and buttons to create fabric flowers. You can pin them onto purses, sweaters or wear them in your hair. They can be sewn onto bags or clothing or curtains or anything!


Each fabric has its own personality just like you and I. They are unique and different, they can be used to make different kinds of flowers. The buttons are also vintage or ‘found’ items that I use along with the vintage fabrics. Hope you enjoy!



Flowers are in fashion in a big way now. Join me as I show you new flowers that I create. Join my discussion about what you like and look for these to show for sale on my etsy site. Blessings.   fish


A Repurposed Life

A while back I decided I needed to share my talents in a more positive, life affirming way. I needed to find inspiration in my life

drawn from the abundant blessings God has given me and the unending well of creativity that on most days is spinning

around me head and leading me in unexpected places…

So I began looking at what makes me happiest and where was God leading me for my future…

After much thought and prayer I have realized where He has been leading me through out my life. He has given me talents

that I have not used to spread His love and encouragement to others.

I am now making and selling original designs and wanted to show some of my best work.

oriental believe bracelet wm3.png
This is my Oriental Believe Bracelet, It has Czech glass beads, ceramic

beads and some metal ones also. It is an oriental themed bracelet but

with my Christian tag “believe” hanging on.

I have opened up an Etsy store which you can find here.

I also have a facebook page which you can find here.

oriental believe bracelet wm2.png

oriental believe bracelet wm1.png

Hope you’ve enjoyed this and hope to see you on Etsy. Many more bracelets to see…



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down syndrome, single motherhood and blessings from God


down syndrome, single motherhood and blessings from God

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