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Not Just Girlfriends—Godly friends

girlfriendsIs there anything better in this world than girlfriends? The true meaning of the word ‘girlfriend’ to me means a true friend who knows me and still answers the phone when she sees my number in her caller ID, lol. Okay there are much better definitions of friends and we find those in God and who He is.

God has blessed me with many wonderful, Godly friends and I today I want to pay tribute to them for putting up with me and reminding me of who God is as I see His reflection in they’re lives.

Yesterday one of my friends mentioned to me that she’s noticed I’ve lost weight. I was surprised since I’d only been dieting for four days! I DO like Judy a lot though for many reasons, only one of those reasons is that she tends to flatter me, who doesn’t like to hear that?! Judy is cheerful, welcoming and has a very sweet personality. She reminds me of God. He knows all my faults but sees me as sinless because of His redeeming love. He doesn’t care that I over eat or that I hate exercising. He doesn’t care that I sometimes forget about all the blessings he sends my way or that I don’t always hear what he wants me to do. He looks beyond those things and sees my heart which is clean and white as snow (1 John 1:7-9) because of what He’s done for us.

Another friend I have is Jana, she is a friend who can make me laugh. She is also cheerful and is always looking for ways she can help. When I saw Jana yesterday, she noticed I hadn’t put my new tag on my car’s license plate. Not wanting me to get into trouble, she asked where it was so she could put it on my plate. Jana relates to me how God puts His mark on us, (Ephesians 4:30) so that we will be seen as His on the day of His coming. Jana always believes the best in everyone. She refuses to believe that everyone does not have at least one good quality and she will always find that one good quality in me (and everyone else).

My last friend I will tell you about is Pat. She is a friend who will always have good things to say about you, even if you’re not there in person, lol. She has integrity and will always do what is right. Pat shows me that God is faithful and true. He doesn’t say one thing and do another, He is believable (Deuteronomy 7:9)If Pat promises to do something she will do that one thing no matter what. She is a great friend to have.

As I mentioned earlier, I have started a diet (yes again!). My birthday is coming up soon and Pat wanted to bring over a dinner to celebrate. She and Jana who is assisting with this meal, are cheerfully accommodating my dietary needs. Now that is a good friend__ eating what YOU eat while on YOUR diet!

Each of my friends has special abilities that I enjoy within our relationships. One helps me see the humor in life, another helps me see the need for evaluating my direction in life, they all accept me for who I am and who’s I am. There is nothing better than this.  As I end my blog today I pray that God will be reflected to each of you in a meaningful way this week.




Ten Things I’ve Learned in 2013 (or before)

new yearsFriends who understand the importance of being friends are rare. Last night as we were getting ready to celebrate the New Year, a friend called from a neighboring city saying she had been in an accident and could not make it to our party. Everyone had already arrived and we were ready to party! I looked at a friend near me and said I’m going to bring her back. I did not care that she would not feel like coming to our party, I only wanted to know that she would be safe and arrive where ever she needed to be to feel safe. My friend began nodding her head and we got our heavy gear on to trudge out into the snow filled streets to find our mutual friend.

Friends who enjoy being with us and blessings. Last night we had our annual New Year’s Party…a bit of snack foods, a bit of games and a bit of gifts. We had so much fun we totally ran out of time to do many games! Lol. We all had so much fun telling stories, laughing with each other and sharing our lives. Everyone should have at least one friend enjoy our humanness.

Sometimes ‘exclusive clubs’ can be fun. There are only a few ‘restrictions’ to our party. One is that you must be ‘unattached’—divorced, widowed, single or just need a night out alone away from your man; This way we can discuss ANYTHING and not be embarrassed. The stories of figure enhancing bras that whose saline filled pads were found in the garden mulch after a rather long conversation with the postman while gardening, is only one of the stories we amused ourselves with during the night.

Friends who embrace your frugal-self are kindred spirits and rare: treat them as such.  Garage sales are always more fun with a few friends…especially when you all agree on what has potential. White elephant gifts are WAY MORE fun to open and saving a little money on a project is usually more fun than handing out hard-earned money on something with less personality. The only thing you need to remember is that friendship is more important than taking home all the goodies, and often is enhanced when you share your new acquisitions with your friends especially if it’s from Bath and Body Works!

Covered porches are one of the best inventions in housing. I love sitting in my swing reading on my back porch. The experience is enhanced by the fact that I am sheltered from the heat of the sun. It also encourages friends to come by in the summer since they know they can enjoy being outside without the bad effects of the sun. I have an oversized swing which seats three adults. I also keep two large patio chairs at the other end which can be moved to allow for even more seating. Good times and cool drinks are free!

Gardening is fun but don’t over-do it–the summer’s too short.  I love my gardens! I also enjoy gardening but after July it becomes difficult to do much without my asthma complaining. I have learned to give back some of my gardens to my yard as a compromise. This way I can have more time and energy for entertaining my friends, enjoying my flowers that I still have, and just sitting in my garden with my iced tea! Life is too short…

Cuddle scarves. Easy and soooo warm! Just 1/3 yd of cuddle fleece and two seams does it. This is THE BEST scarf EVER.  Make them for every woman you know, every woman you like, even ones you don’t particularly enjoy…you will be loved by all, lol…Honestly!

You can never have enough shelves.  Don’t be afraid to add shelves to your closets and pantries for more organized storage, unless you can afford to hire professional closet organizers while building or moving, you will likely need more shelves and deeper shelves. The small cost of materials is well worth it, and don’t forget to put in plenty of shelves for all your special shoes and purses. Measure the heights of baskets and clothing to accurately place your shelving and rods for optimal use.

Proudly display your memories.  Do you have competition ribbons stashed away, or old family photographs, even seashells and sand from childhood vacation sites?  Put them all on display. Use shadowboxes, frames or even jars to display your treasures. Be sure to label anything you or others might want to remember.

My favorite memories are hanging on my wall along with early pictures of my parents and grandparents, my son’s baby pictures are next to my Dad’s baby pictures and my Mother’s pictures. I enjoy looking at these memories and legacies every day. Don’t hide away your genetics, be proud of who you are and where you came from.

Most things are ‘small stuff’.  A relative once told me “a person’s motto should be, ‘why should I stress about something that will not matter a hundred years from now’”.  This is a good way to live I think, especially since we’ve just gotten through a major health scare with Brody.

He received a box of 50 Hot Wheel cars for Christmas and just loved playing with them, he was in Heaven. I had promised to watch a movie with him earlier and Gma reminded him of this as he scooted down the stairs to play. Holding his car ‘stash’ in his arms he called back to me, “Mom…too busy! Too busy!” with the emphasis on the first syllable of busy. At first I didn’t understand but by the third or fourth time repeating his statement I got it.

Life is too short to take any one away from their childhood play. Laughing to myself I realized he was “busy” finishing up his childhood dreams, after all who EVER gets 50 cars to play with at ONE time??fish



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