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Build a Heart

IMG_20140111_104256This weekend Brody and I traveled to “Build a Bear”,  in case you’re not familiar with the store, you can choose a character, stuff it, put sounds inside it, even get a beating heart for it. After all that,  you stuff it and clothe it and ‘gear it up’. This was a Christmas gift to him and he announced to me on the way over__as if I didn’t already know this that he was “excited” to be going.  Of course one of the people giving him this gift was going along and she is one of his very favorite people.

As we entered the store I was relating it to how God has molded and made each of us.

13 For you created my inmost being;
you knit me together in my mother’s womb.
14 I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made;
your works are wonderful, I know that full well.  Psalm 139:13-14 (NIV)

He was there in the beginning, putting our bodies and spirits together, knowing who we were before we were known to ANYONE else. How miraculous is that?! He paired my attached 5th and 21st chromosomes to Brody’s chromosomes to give him that extra 21st chromosome. He knew how precious he would be, how endearing he would become to so many people. He is an amazing child and God has given him equally amazing people to fill in the emptiness of no longer having a father.  We are truly blessed.

The first moment Brody saw ‘Moose’  he grabbed and hugged him even without his stuffing, just I’m sure as God does with us without our ‘stuffing’. I watched him place the heart in his dog “Moose”, added the stuffing__deciding just how much would be the best for hugs. I remembered how his tiny beating heart attached around mine as I carried him, not knowing the whole story. I watched him bath ‘Moose’ and brush him as a mother would a child.

It amazed me once again at how much detail God puts into our lives, every detail is thought of.  Brody’s extra chromosome was planned out from even before my birth when the mutation occurred that would cause his trans-location. Wow! What a wonderful, thoughtful and loving God we have. Brody’s anticipation of his companion reminded me of God’s anticipation of our hearts longing for Him and finally coming home to His open arms as we make our decision to follow Him. I pray my awe of God’s wonderful details will never get lost in my life. I will leave you with some pics of Brody’s event this weekend. Blessings to each of you, may you each feel the awesomeness of God’s details in your lives yourselves this


Brushing his hair after the shower

Brushing his hair after the shower


Those aren't wings, they're just our coats resting on his chair. Doesn't he look happy?

Those aren’t wings, they’re just our coats resting on his chair. Doesn’t he look happy?




Impress Your Kids, Show Off Your Science Humor…

boiling waterAs you’ve probably guessed from my last post, the weather in this part of the world was and is currently  still very—and I cannot stress this enough—COLD! I have my ceramic heaters aimed at my pipes who are nestled among my outside walls and helping to heat up our living areas. I’ve put up bubble wrap on my windows and closed my insulated blinds and insulated curtains AND I AM STILL CHILLED to the bone, Lol.  Over 12” of snow and -9 at present…I may need to warm up with some chicken soup or hot chocolate, mmmm.

Cool thing: I was surfing the news articles and of course came across a totally useless science experiment—unless of course it is -9 outside!  Well I just had to try this so we did. No pics since I didn’t think it would be too safe to hold onto the boiling water AND take a pic with the other hand, lol. But it worked! Yea. I called my son to the door to watch, he was impressed with Mom’s skills, ha!

Yes, I might be a bit shy of all my marbles, but it was something to do that was educational, fun and free. Also in the quest to do something that we can’t do any other day of the year…I proved to be quite a savvy mom. My son was impressed…for a few minutes…



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