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13 Lucky Reasons You Should Shop G-Sales


We are in spring here in Indiana, it’s been a long time coming but it’s finally here (I think, lol). One of my favorite things to do is garage sale. Here are some of my best reasons you should come out and join me this year: Because you are spending your hard earned money in America. It is not going beyond our borders, so you are not weakening our own economy even if the item is made abroad.

  1. You may not always need ‘brand-new’ so why pay out more money than you need to.
  2. Saving on g-sales allows you to use your money for special things you might not be able to afford otherwise…like vacations or special restaurant treats. An old pair of jeans and some t-shirts may mean you are saving around $50—and who couldn’t use an extra $50?!!
  3. Its good mentoring. It helps our children realize the importance of living within their own means, a lesson best learned now than later on.
  4. Creativity is encouraged. When you shop g-sales you realize how to repurpose items or change them to make them more trendy or useful. Painting a coffee table will sometimes make it just what the big stores are selling, or taking the feet off of a dresser helps you stack it on top of a shorter dresser to make a larger one for more storage. An sturdy old coffee table might make a great dining or mudroom bench.
  5. You meet some really great people! Sometimes when you admire a garden the opportunity arises to add to your own for free. It also allows you to meet a potential best friend when you see they have like interests as yourself.
  6. Sometimes you find things you need to solve problems. I have found items that I’ve reused for trellises for my morning glories. I’ve found rain boots to use as flower planters for decorating my gardens and I’ve found more often than not, just what I’ve been looking for—SURPRISE!
  7. Because, contrary to what your kids may be telling you, their friends will not know that you bought their jeans at a g-sale and not a store—providing you shop wisely. Even so, for so called ‘play clothes’, these are easily gotten at garage sales for really cheap prices.
  8. Because it’s fun to do! Grab a friend and go. Make it a game to see how much you can find on your list and bargain with the owners for a better deal. Buy your friend a meal at McDonalds when they win or reap the benefits yourself when you do. Take your time or grab and go either way it’s bound to be fun.
  9. It’s a social event! I’ve met so many friends at g-sales. Sometimes you frequent the same areas for g-sales and sometimes when I shop with girl-friends we go into new neighborhoods.
  10. If you like surprises you’ll like g-sales. If you love the ‘thrill of the hunt’ you are a born g-saler. You never know what all you’ll find. I found an old rusty and verdigris covered spigot for a quarter. I sprayed varnish on it and made a hand towel holder for my new bathroom. I loved my new find and who gets a towel rack for a quarter?!! And the comments made on my find were endless.
  11. It molds you into a simpler person. You stop seeking out immediate gratification and go for the less expensive route along with the longer wait. With that goes a building of character and a lessening of a faster paced life. Not bad for saving money!
  12. Sometimes you even save money when you wait and realize what you thought you wanted you no longer want. Many times after looking for a while for something, I’ve moved on and used something else I’ve gotten cheaper. Often the substitution has worked out better since I’d taken the time to think it out.

So readers, run out there this weekend and look for your own bargains. If you are finding this to be intimidating because you’re a bit shy, take along a friend or a spouse. It is really fun, try it just for the fun of it!


10 reasons organizing is a good thing:


  1. Purging files and items is freeing. Sometimes holding onto things is stressful in ways we don’t understand. Allow yourself to toss items you felt you ‘had to keep’ such as Christmas gifts that are not to your taste or wrong size. Give these things to a charity so you can recycle them. Recycle any plastic plant pots sitting in your garage. I sold a lot of spray paint at my last garage sale for .25/can and sold all of them in my bin.
  2. Because putting like items in cupboards or bins allow things to look neater and feel cleaner. It also makes sweeping floors and dusting easier without clutter. You can stack bins easier than the free items, making for more storage space.
  3. Removing large items you never or rarely use allows for more storage space for the things you do use. If you are storing extra doors or tools you might use in a few years, it might be helpful to sell them or give them to a friend who will let you use them later when the need arises.
  4. Putting up shelves or cupboards in storage areas allow for better storage and access to items. I grabbed some cupboards from a street corner before the trash came by for pick-up. A friend hung them for me in my garage and added a door for a work bench. I can keep some of my gardening supplies in my cupboards and pot my plants on my bench.
  5. It just simplifies life. Let’s face it, most of us complicate our living by holding onto things that we seldom use and don’t need. We dust and clean around things we know we should move out, when we do it always seems to simplify our living spaces.
  6. Allowing someone else to benefit from your excess, can empower you.  There is just something about giving to someone less fortunate that can make you feel more in control of your life and gives your life more purpose. You are not just throwing your items away, you are giving them to someone else to use.
  7. It allows you to see what you don’t really need. I tend to be a hoarder. I collect things that I think I may one day need or use. If I haven’t needed it for a year or two at the maximum, I donate it. I find I really don’t miss it either. Life changes as you grow and sometimes the projects change too. This allows me to purge things from my life that are no longer valid. Don’t feel bad donating things you’ve spent money on, see it as giving to a charity.
  8. Knowing when it’s time to donate, makes organizing easier. Is there a project you’ve never gotten around to? Take stock in what those are and ask yourself if you will do that project in the coming months, if not donate.
  9. Seeing how much you accumulate helps to see what you won’t need. Whether it’s taking inventory or your ‘stash’ or seeing what you never use; when you organize you soon realize how much of anything you need. If you organize for a garage sale, you can use the money from the sale to buy things you need to stay organized. I did this a few years ago and was able to organize all my closets into more useful storage spaces.
  10. Sometimes it just makes sense to re-purchase an item than store it. There are times in our lives when it just makes sense to purge the left over scraps from a project than keep them ‘just-in-case’ you might have another project that could use it. You can take up a lot of space saving all those things.

A few places to donate to:

Goodwill,, Better World Books, Salvation Army.

Blessings in your organizing! fish


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